About Us

Foxhound International is an Australian gaming group for ARMA 3. Our focus is on developing and playing challenging and immersive ARMA 3 missions, drawing on military principles and procedures only where they aid in playing the game.

Serious Gameplay

Although we play a variety of mission styles, in general a mission will have:

The style of missions varies widely, from civilians protecting goat infested mountain villages with naught more than a Kalashnikov and an old dented compass, all the way up to deploying as well equipped special forces with superpower-level air, ground and artillery support.

Casual Environment

Once we shut down ARMA, the military simulation is over. Our membership is drawn from a diverse background, and as such we have:

Extensive Mods

Our carefully curated mod set includes:

Custom Launcher

Our custom Arma 3 launcher.

One of the biggest frustrations when joining a co-op ARMA 3 group is downloading and updating numerous mods and keeping them all up to date before each and every mission. Worse still is waiting around on mission nights for other people to get everything running.

Fulminate, our integrated updater and launcher, was developed completely in-house to solve those issues and make using our mod set completely pain free. When you join, you simply:

What's even better is that if you already have mods such as RHS, AiA and ACE installed, Fulminate won't download them again. It recognises your existing files and puts them to use, without using any extra hard drive space.

Regular Missions

We play missions at least twice a week, starting at 8:00 PM on Thursday and Sunday (Australian Eastern Time) running for around two to three hours. We welcome applications from any part of the world, but keep in mind that our mission times in some time zones may be inconvenient:

UTC OffsetRegionsStarting Time
-9Alaska1 AM
-8United States and Canada (Pacific Time Zone)2 AM
-7United States and Canada (Mountain Time Zone)3 AM
-6United States and Canada (Central Time Zone)4 AM
-5United States and Canada (Eastern Time Zone)5 AM
-4Canada (Atlantic Time Zone)6 AM
+0United Kingdom10 AM
+1Norway, Sweden, France, Central Europe11 AM
+2Finland, Greece, Israel, South Africa12 PM
+3Russia (Moscow Time), Saudi Arabia1 PM
+4United Arab Emirates, Russia (Samara Time)2 PM
+5Pakistan, Russia (Yekaterinburg Time)3 PM
+6Russia (Omsk Time)4 PM
+7Thailand, Vietnam5 PM
+8Australia (WA), China, Singapore, Taiwan6 PM
+9Japan, North Korea, South Korea7 PM
+9:30Australia (NT, SA)7 PM
+10Australia (ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC)8 PM
+11Vanuatu9 PM
+12New Zealand, Fiji10 PM

Note that the above is a guide only and does not take into account daylight savings (summer) times. During daylight savings periods, actual mission times are typically one to two hours different in northern latitudes, and in locations that do not observe daylight savings.